A doodle module for redmine, a doodle in this case being a collection of simple yes-no questions. The Doodles currently generate an activity entry on creation and answer creation/update, are watchable (i.e. watchers get a notification each time a user gives an or updates his answer), and can be used for simple polls or to plan a meeting date (just enter the possible dates as options). The only languages supported for now are german and english, the UI has only been tested with gravatars enabled and the alternate theme.

Registration to this redmine isn't currently open, please contact me per mail if you find a bug or have a suggestion, thanks. A mirror on github is available for anyone wanting to fork and hack stuff there, github also provides downloads of individual releases, commits or branches should you need them (e.g. if you are behind a corporate firewall preventing you to clone the git repository).


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Manager: Felix

Entwickler: Andrej Gelenberg, Dave Kliczbor, Fabian Schlenz

Reporter: Sascha K. (Dortmund)