This plugin aims to integrate the mailinglist software Sympa with redmine: it defines 2 new permissions to control list owners and list moderators from within redmine, furthermore a new module "sympa" is available that controls the existence of a mailinglist for the corresponding project. The plugin is at an early stage and only tested on this system, though it runs smoothly up until now. If you are interested in this plugin, please contact me for further details, be aware though that this plugin requires a working sympa installation and that said installation isn't in the scope of this plugin, hence no help or assistance will be provided for that. User integration (same password everywhere) also requires either the users to exist on an LDAP server or some single-sign-on flavor compatible with redmine and sympa to be available.

Registration to this redmine isn't currently open, please contact me per mail if you find a bug or have a suggestion, thanks.

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